Barrie Home Inspector Defect Pictures

"When Only The Best Will Do"

20 amp speaker wire.jpg
20 amp speaker wire679 viewsSpeaker wiring used to carry 20 amp load. This is a fire hazard and does not comply with CEC of C.
Attic_Wiring578 viewsWiring is un-supported and in-correctly installed. Recommended licensed electrician repair.
bad ground.jpg
bad ground562 viewsBroken ground connection. This must be repaired to protect occupants of home from electrocution hazard.
disengaged disconnect.jpg
disengaged disconnect544 viewsDisconnect is improperly installed. Electrocution hazard for anyone working on system while line is still connected.
double tap on panel.jpg
double tap on panel643 viewsCEC of C does not permit two wires installed on breaker which is only designed to hold one. This is typically called a "Double Tap" connection by electricians.
extension cord from junction box.jpg
extension cord from junction box585 viewsWrong type of wire, missing clamp, wrong type of box and improper plug.
hot time in attic.jpg
hot time in attic617 viewsLive exposed wires in attic. Un-used wires should terminate in junction box, be wrapped together and the same at main panel where disconnected, protecting occupants.
knob _amp_ tube wiring.jpg
knob & tube wiring593 viewsKnob and tube wiring using junction box with conventional wiring.
knob _amp_ tube.jpg
knob & tube640 viewsKnob and tube wiring in attic space. Vermiculite insulation also.
missing junction box.jpg
Missing junction box from open wall in Barrie Home Inspection600 viewsJoined wires without junction box. All electrical connections shall be made in a an approved junction box.
open splices.jpg
open splices562 viewsSplices must be made in a junction box with a cover. This installation is un-safe and should be repaired by licensed electrician
restricted access panel.jpg
restricted access panel533 viewsElectrical panels are required to be accessible in front of panel in a/with CEC of Canada
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