Barrie Home Inspector Defect Pictures

"When Only The Best Will Do"

Active leak _amp_ growth.jpg
Active leak & growth672 viewsLeak from bathtub can eventually cause mould problem.
attic unvented stack.jpg
attic unvented stack586 viewsPlumbing vents into attic causing moisture, mould and odour problems. Health effects and early failure of roof system.
bath vent n attic.jpg
bath vent n attic599 viewsBathroom exhaust is venting into attic. This causes moisture problems. Mould, rot and early roof system failure are possible.
broken drain.jpg
broken drain639 viewsBroken drain. Smell, moisture, mould and health issues can result.
faucet below rim.jpg
faucet below rim672 viewsFaucet is below fixture rim. This could allow back siphoning of water supply and is not permitted by code.
hot water sweater.jpg
Hot Water Tank Insulation Wrap593 viewsImproperly installed insulation on hot water tank could cause fire hazard.
Improper T_amp_P.jpg
Improper Pressure Relief Valve608 viewsImproperly installed Pressure Release Valve
mixed metals.jpg
mixed metals564 viewsMixed type of piping material. Proper transition joint must be used to prevent corrosion and eventual failure.
sewage571 viewsRaw sewage is leaking and pooling in crawl space. Some inspectors never go into crawl spaces and may miss defects like these.
under_kitchen_sink712 viewsKitchen tap connections from under counter view.
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