Barrie Home Inspector Defect Pictures

"When Only The Best Will Do"

bad pier.jpg
bad pier551 viewsPoorly constructed pier. Blocks not level, improper footing, tilted.
cut truss.jpg
cut truss552 viewsBottom of truss has been cut. This has no structural stablility remaining and has to be replaced or repaired to specs of engineer.
diagonal corner crack.jpg
diagonal corner crack526 viewsDiagonal foundation cracks usually indicate movement of foundation or footings.
new on old.jpg
new on old663 viewsNew floor joists have been erected on a failing support system.
rafter support.jpg
rafter support597 viewsImproper supports to prevent rafter sag. Knee wall should be installed by qualified personnel.
rotten sill plate.jpg
rotten sill plate643 viewsMortar cracks on foundation and rotted sill plate.
settlement crack.jpg
settlement crack533 viewsSettlement crack in poured concrete foundation
support beam _amp_ opener.jpg
support beam & opener599 viewsSupport beam has been compromised by notching for door opener.
truss space.jpg
truss space589 viewsHome made roof trusses have separated.
wall bow.jpg
wall bow596 viewsFoundation wall is bowing. Poor construction or hydraulic pressure are possible causes.
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