Barrie Home Inspector Defect Pictures

"When Only The Best Will Do"

bathroom vent into attic.jpg
bathroom vent into attic481 viewsBathroom vent is directed into attic space. Moisture and mould are possible results.
Below Roof Wood Stove Pipe.jpg
Below Roof Wood Stove Pipe385 viewsMetal chimney is touching fascia and is below roof line.
incomplete window.jpg
incomplete window405 viewsWindow is not finished. No caulking, exposed area.
leak in slab.jpg
leak in slab470 viewsLeak in slab. Possible water source from inside house.
missing drip edge flashing.jpg
missing drip edge flashing429 viewsMissing drip edge and starter strip. Siding used as roofing product for which it is not designed.
missing J trim.jpg
missing J trim419 viewsSiding should have J trim installed. Caulking is cracked.
old-new-roof repair.jpg
old-new-roof repair455 viewsNew roofing tied into existing old roofing. This is a recipe for disaster.
separation of brick and mortar.jpg
separation of brick and mortar426 viewsFront brick wall has separated from side wall. Professional mason required to repair.
water trap.jpg
water trap555 viewsSplash pad installed backwards. Water is directed at foundation instead of away as designed. Common problem.
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