Barrie Home Inspector Defect Pictures

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under_kitchen_sink712 viewsKitchen tap connections from under counter view.
20 amp speaker wire.jpg
20 amp speaker wire679 viewsSpeaker wiring used to carry 20 amp load. This is a fire hazard and does not comply with CEC of C.
Active leak _amp_ growth.jpg
Active leak & growth672 viewsLeak from bathtub can eventually cause mould problem.
faucet below rim.jpg
faucet below rim672 viewsFaucet is below fixture rim. This could allow back siphoning of water supply and is not permitted by code.
new on old.jpg
new on old663 viewsNew floor joists have been erected on a failing support system.
double tap on panel.jpg
double tap on panel643 viewsCEC of C does not permit two wires installed on breaker which is only designed to hold one. This is typically called a "Double Tap" connection by electricians.
rotten sill plate.jpg
rotten sill plate643 viewsMortar cracks on foundation and rotted sill plate.
knob _amp_ tube.jpg
knob & tube640 viewsKnob and tube wiring in attic space. Vermiculite insulation also.
broken drain.jpg
broken drain639 viewsBroken drain. Smell, moisture, mould and health issues can result.
hot time in attic.jpg
hot time in attic617 viewsLive exposed wires in attic. Un-used wires should terminate in junction box, be wrapped together and the same at main panel where disconnected, protecting occupants.
Improper T_amp_P.jpg
Improper Pressure Relief Valve608 viewsImproperly installed Pressure Release Valve
missing junction box.jpg
Missing junction box from open wall in Barrie Home Inspection600 viewsJoined wires without junction box. All electrical connections shall be made in a an approved junction box.
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