Barrie Home Inspector Defect Pictures

"When Only The Best Will Do"

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8jpg197 viewsHeat leaking from air conditioner installation.55555
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water trap.jpg
water trap555 viewsSplash pad installed backwards. Water is directed at foundation instead of away as designed. Common problem.55555
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20 amp speaker wire.jpg
20 amp speaker wire679 viewsSpeaker wiring used to carry 20 amp load. This is a fire hazard and does not comply with CEC of C. 55555
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cracked condenser slab.jpg
cracked condenser slab490 viewsCracked Condenser Slab55555
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mixed metals.jpg
mixed metals564 viewsMixed type of piping material. Proper transition joint must be used to prevent corrosion and eventual failure.44444
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under_kitchen_sink712 viewsKitchen tap connections from under counter view.33333
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knob _amp_ tube.jpg
knob & tube640 viewsKnob and tube wiring in attic space. Vermiculite insulation also.33333
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wire missing strands.jpg
wire missing strands511 viewsBroken aluminum wire will cause heat and eventually could cause a fire.22222
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sewage571 viewsRaw sewage is leaking and pooling in crawl space. Some inspectors never go into crawl spaces and may miss defects like these.11111
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