We all know the risks we take when we smoke! We never thought of those risks when we started but that doesn’t make it any easier to kick the habit. Whether you’re a teen smoker or a lifetime pack-a-day smoker, quitting can seem impossible. The nicotine in cigarettes offers a quick and reliable way to boost your endorphin’s, relieve stress, and relax. To successfully quit smoking, you’ll need to not only change your behavior and cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms, but also find healthier ways to manage your life style.  Imagine Laserworks makes this all possible with as little as a one hour treatment.

Why is quitting smoking so Difficult?

Smoking cigarettes is both a physically addictive and emotionally addictive. The nicotine from cigarettes provides a temporary—and addictive—high by releasing endorphin’s, which makes you feel good. Eliminating that regular fix of nicotine will cause your body to experience extreme physical and mental  withdrawal symptoms. Due to nicotine’s “feel good” effect on the brain, you may also have become accustomed to smoking as a way of coping with stress, depression, anxiety, or even boredom.

Your mind has conditioned your body to think the act of smoking is as a daily ritual. It may be an automatic response for you to smoke a cigarette with your morning coffee, while taking a break from work or school, or during your commute home at the end of a long day. Perhaps friends, family members, and colleagues smoke, and it has become part of the way you relate with them.

To successfully quit smoking, you’ll need to address both the addiction and the habits and routines that go along with it. But it can be done. With the right support and combination of strategies, any smoker can quit—even if you’ve tried and failed multiple times before.

Your personal stop smoking plan

While some smokers successfully quit by going cold turkey, most people do better with a tailored plan to keep themselves on track. A good plan addresses both the short-term challenge of quitting smoking and the long-term challenge of preventing relapse. It should also be tailored to your specific needs and smoking habits.

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